The Color Wheel: It’s Not just for Kids

Today I wanted to share a bit about the skills you will learn if you take my Oil Painting course for beginners. Did you know that the color wheel is not just for kids? Maybe you remember using crayons to make one in elementary school, but it’s still a useful skill to have as a beginner artist.

In my course, I will teach you how to use the color wheel to mix oil paint colors so that you will not have to buy every color under the sun to get that perfect purple or orange! The color wheel can also be a useful tool in determining what colors look good together, called color schemes. We will start with the class exercises to get your feet wet with oil paints, such as painting techniques, and also painting skills such as color wheels and value scales. No experience is needed, and beginners are welcome! These exercises will help you with class projects and give you the confidence to make your own artwork outside of my class, should you wish to continue studying oil painting on your own To learn more about my upcoming oil painting course, visit Look for course schedules and select ILR Fall Schedule 2022. You can use either the pdf version or the flipbook version. These are non-credit courses without any homework or grades.

Color Wheel, 2020, Jodie Schmidt.

Author: artofschmidt

Jodie's focus is on oil painting, mixed media, and soft pastels.

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