Custom Art

Jodie Schmidt, Maggie, The Queen, Oil on canvas, “6 x 6 inches”, 2021.
Jodie Schmidt, Nicholas, “11 x 14” inches, Oil on canvas, 2012.
Jodie Schmidt, Family Group, “5 x 7” inches, Acrylic on canvas, 2017.
Jodie Schmidt, Mindy, “8 x 10”, Acrylic on canvas, 2015.
Jodie Schmidt, Browning, “11 x 14” inches, pastel on paper, 2017.
Dina, Oil on Canvas, “10 x 10” inches, 2021, Jodie Schmidt.
Gansey, watercolor, “10 x 10” inches, 2018, Jodie Schmidt
Sparky, Oil on canvas, “11 x 14” inches, 2016, Jodie Schmidt.
Bandit, Oil on Canvas, “11 x 14” inches, 2018, Jodie Schmidt.
Robin’s Dove Custom Art, Oil on Canvas, “16 x 20,” inches, 2018, Jodie Schmidt.
Kristen Zarley’s Addiction Illustration, Watercolor, and Ink on watercolor paper, “18 x 24” inches, 2018, Jodie Schmidt.
Andrew’s Dream House, Oil on Canvas, “18 x 24” inches, 2018, Jodie Schmidt.
Here is the process for Getting Started with a custom art project. See the enlarged photos below of my four step custom art process!
Step 1: The Client photo for custom art is received by email, text, or personal delivery to me, the artist. I will then use this photo as a reference for the 3-value sketch. However, I do not charge for the sketch until it is approved by the client. Also, I will take as much time as needed to discuss the project specifications to nail down the details to ensure that we are both on the same page before the project proceeds to a more advanced level.
Step 2: The 3 Value sketch will be emailed, and texted for the client’s approval. I use this step to decide on the composition of the photo. At this stage, I would ask the client for feedback and make any changes they request. Upon client approval, I charge a 50% down payment for the entire custom art piece.
Step 3: Color sketch in acrylic paint. At this stage, I discuss color schemes with the client and we explore various options together, usually at least two options. This stage serves as a plan for the final portrait. It is also another opportunity for the client to provide feedback on the custom art process, to ensure 100% satisfaction with the final product.
Stage 4: Browning, Soft pastel on pastel paper, “11 x 14” inches, 2017, Jodie Schmidt. When a color scheme has been agreed upon between myself and the client, I begin to work on the final version of the portrait based on their feedback. I will then send the client a final progress photo for their approval. After we reach a consensus, I will send an invoice for the final 50% of the final amount.
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