Behind the Scenes, Three Value Sketch

I am a little behind this week with blogging, but today I am taking the time to catch up. Last week I talked about my artistic process and how I created a sketchbook of inspiring artwork and used an older sketch from a previous art project that never got off the ground, unfortunately. I also talked about how I collaged all my favorite ideas from my sketchbook to make a digital collage in Photoshop.

Today I chose one of the digital collages and started a three value sketch. Here is my work in progress. My next step will be to gesso my canvas with two coats of gesso. When that dries, I will transfer this sketch and begin the acrylic painting. I have two weeks to paint it before it will be dropped off for display in the Box Show at the Artists’ Gallery in Frederick, MD, so I really have to get cracking! Here is a link to the gallery if you are interested in learning more about the art show:

Author: artofschmidt

Jodie's focus is on oil painting, mixed media, and soft pastels.

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