Behind the Scenes, Continued

It’s been a very challenging week and I am working under a tight deadline to get this painting completed in time for the March 2017 box show, TAG Squared. I’ve been fighting with myself trying to find the motivation to get this painting started and to do my best work. This is not usually a problem for me, and is, I fear a sign of burn out.  I find it hard to give myself breaks when I need to, and then comes the dreaded burnout and lack of motivation that is sure to follow if I don’t take time off.

This week I started by priming the birch wood 10 x 10-inch canvas with gesso. When that had dried, I painted in three values of acrylic paint of white, gray and black, which was based on my three value sketch from last week. Today, I began blocking in color and deciding on a color scheme. I also changed the composition of the book and decided to use a different illustration than the one I had originally chosen for the open pages of the book. Here is my progress so far.wild-imaginings-stage-2-acrylicunnamed-1

If you want to read more about the purpose of the show, TAG squared or need directions or office hours of the gallery go to the following link:


Author: artofschmidt

Jodie's focus is on oil painting, mixed media, and soft pastels.

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