July 2018 Art of Schmidt Newsletter

Hello Facebook friends, Instagram followers, and family, This week I am blogging about my monthly newsletter and the topic is my latest inspiration, art on a small scale, otherwise known as pocket art. Art of Schmidt Newsletter, July 2018, page1, final, flatArt of Schmidt, July 2018, page 2, final, flatArt of Schmidt, July 2018, page 3, pocket artArt of Schmidt, July 2018, page 4, pocket art, examples, flat


Small Works in Progress

This week I am continuing my journey which started with a three value sketch and followed up with some colored sketches with watercolor and Caran Ache wax pastels. Yesterday I began painting the acrylic paintings based on the color sketches. It has been a rocky start and my inner critic has been relentless with negative chatter. Today I am trying to emotionally distance myself from the paintings and ask them what they need from me. Do they need more light, more color, to take something or add something to make them feel complete? This project is showing me how insidious my inner critique can be and how to practice self-compassion so that I don’t sabotage the artwork

color sketches for small gems
Two color sketches to use as guides for the final acrylic paintings.

. Here are my progress paintings. I will post additional photos later when I have made more changes to the work. These paintings will be on display this October at the Frederick Coffee Company in Frederick, MD as Artist of the month. The theme for the art show will be Autumn and all works will be for sale!