Becoming a Student Again

Hello Friends, family, and fans, I have been taking a break from blogging after teaching two classes back to back in Classic Drawing and in Pastel at Frederick Community College. An unexpected side effect of teaching others art has been learning that I have room to improve my own art-making skills. Lately, I have been dissatisfied with my artwork, especially a poetry illustration series that … Continue reading Becoming a Student Again

Voices and Visions, new art series

Hello friends, family, and fans, I have been taking a break from blogging since I started teaching art classes and my posts have been somewhat irregular. It’s partly a result of not having much spare time to write, and also because I haven’t made much new work lately. But now I have something new to share! I have finally begun working on a new series … Continue reading Voices and Visions, new art series

Teaching Diary: Classic Drawing

Hello friends and fans, Maybe you’ve been wondering where I disappeared to, or not. I haven’t written any new blog posts in months since I started teaching as an adjunct art instructor at Frederick Community College. Its been a really busy season. I’m no longer trying to sell my art, (although the occasional sale would be welcome nonetheless) and my focus has now been on … Continue reading Teaching Diary: Classic Drawing